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Mr. New-School Media is a platform of educational products and resources designed to provide primary aged children a fun and transformative approach to learning through the use of arts integration and cultural relevance. The Mr. New-School Media product line includes books, online resources, manipulatives, games, and other merchandise.


The mission of Mr. New-School Media is to successfully offer “New-School” children on the primary level engaging and hands-on educational experiences through the use of culturally relevant materials and arts integration. Mr. New-School Media will use the interests of “New-School” children to connect to and create relationships with academic goals. Providing educational products and programming aimed at the needs and interests of elementary school-aged children opens up a world of exploration for children to thrive in is the ultimate goal.


The advantage of choosing Mr. New-School is that Mr. New-School Educational Media is branded by a uniquely positive and successful image that is authentic to the culture that the product intends to reach. Mr. New-School Media acts as a bridge that connects the child to academic goals. Children are drawn to the Mr. New-School merchandise and brand. Mr. New-School Media lives by the motto “At the end of the day the children will play…and learn because Arts Makes Learning Fun!”


Mr. New-School increases interest, engagement, and motivation of New-School students; offering a multitude of opportunities for children to showcase their abilities. Mr. New- School connects student’s interests with academic goals and it does not have to only take place in school…it can happen at home, online, while riding in the car and anywhere that a child can access Mr. New-School.

Meet Brian Barber

Brian Barber
Brian Barber
Educator, Rapper, and Author